December 4, 2020

10 Household Items that can Kill your Cat

Did you know that you have household items that can kill your cat?

Don’t believe it. In this new animal widespread here we’re going to show you 10 very common things that can kill your feline and you definitely have at home.

Cat, Household

Water With Bleach

It is usual for a cat to try and drink water from anywhere during the warmer months, especially if their water bowl is empty. If you have been negligent and forgotten the bucket of bleach water you use to clean, you may have a serious problem. Some cats love the smell of bleach, which can be a serious health problem. bleach is very harmful and can cause serious issues in their digestive system such as vomiting, excessive celebration and a lot of pain


Aspirin is a very common medicine for human use. However, the effects and all cash can be very serious after the ingestion of this drug. The Cat could suffer vomiting, bleeding, ulcers and even internal perforation. The poinsettia or Easter flower, which is typical during Christmas is toxic for dogs and cats. The Milky SAP offered by this plant causes vomiting and diarrhea in small amounts, but in large doses it can be very harmful.


Chocolate contains a toxic substance called fear for mind, an alkaloid turned from cocoa that stimulates the nervous system. Unlike people, felines are not able to remove this substance from their bodies with the same means making it a toxic agent for them. Only six grams of chocolate per kilogram of your cats weight can be legal.


As with people tobacco smoke causes cancer and cats. If you’re a smoker, you should keep your windows open smoke outdoors whenever possible, and blow smoke towards the ceiling at all times.

Raw fish

It’s not a good idea to offer raw fish to our cat. Raw fish can contain bacteria Which is very harmful to a cat that is used to eating Dr. On the other hand, we must also be careful with the spines. Finally, it should be noted that the consumption of certain fish such as tuna, can cause an excessive intake of mercury, which is very harmful to your cat .

Naphtalane Ball

Will most likely be attracted to them they see mothballs on the floor. If they are ingested, we will be faced with a very serious health problem because they seriously damage to the nervous system. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures.


Toothpaste contains a lot of chemical elements such as fluoride or abrasive such as salt. fluoride in particular, is very harmful and dangerous for cats how it can cause nerve disturbances in attention heartburn, vomiting, and internal damage.

Rat poison

If you have cats or dogs at home, you should never use rat snail or insect poison as your animals could be affected. ingesting this type of product will cause a very painful death. If your cat has been poisoned. You should see your better soon as possible to help expel the toxic substance from the body. Remember that it is not advisable to try to make a feline vomit if we are not clear what they have ingested. Because some products such as bleach can act as dangerous, corrosive in their mouth, go to the emergency better necessarily. Your life is at risk. They have swallowed any of these 10 being the best thing you can do. do to prevent your cats from getting intoxicated is to keep all these products out of reach, just like you would with a small child.


Different types of paints a composed of pigments, binders solvent pesticides and other elements. They’re all harmful to your cat’s intestinal health, but solvents in particular can cause hallucinations, intense internal pain, convulsions, epilepsy, coma, and even cardiac arrhythmias. Obviously, any type of poison is very harmful to the health of your parents.