April 14, 2021


Being powerful can be abstract, it is not always large bulging muscles that identify power. On the contrary, sometimes a great deal of power can be found in very delicate, streamlined, and very efficient packaging. It is my personal opinion that in living organisms, there are four elements of power. They are mass, brute strength, speed, and agility these four elements other criteria by which I’ve ranked my 10 most powerful dog breeds. Before I jump into my list, I want to explain to you guys this was a great template to put together. breeds like that American Pit Bull Terrier. Belgian Malinois are very powerful dog breeds. But as an example, those two breeds lack the mass and brute strength to be amongst the elite in regards to most powerful dog breeds. On the other side of the coin, you have breeds like the St. Bernard or the English master. Those breeds have ample mass and brute strength but lack the speed and agility to be on the list. But I know there’s gonna be some people very unhappy with this list, but that’s why feel free in the comment section to share your thoughts on the world’s most powerful dog breeds. Alright guys, let’s jump into my list.

10.Cane Corso

Cane Corso kind of Corso originating in Italy is a large dog breed and has good to decent speed and agility which complements the breeds mass and strim.

9. American Bulldog

Number nine on my list is the American Bulldog. medium to large size dog breed originating in America. The American Bulldog has good speed, good agility, good mass, and exceptional strim.

8. Bandog

Number eight on my list is the bandog. Bandog is a breed that’s being recreated, reimagined all over the world. The original bandog said to have originated in England. Bandogs are large canines that have good speed, decent agility, exceptional mass, and exceptional brute strength.

7.Dogo Argentino

The number seven breed on my list is Dogo Argentino this breed originates in Argentina is a medium to large dog breed. Dogs possess good speed, good agility didn’t mass Exceptional shrimp.

6. Central Asian Shepherd

The number six breed on my list is the alibi or the Central Asian Shepherd. This breed originates in Central Asia. It is a large dog breed. The Bri possesses good speed, good agility, exceptional mass, and exceptional strip.

5.Presa Canario

Number five on my list is the Presa Canario. The breed originates in Spain Presa Canario is a large breed, the breed possesses good speed, good agility, exceptional mass, and exceptional strength.


The number four breed on my list is the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler originates from Germany and is a large dog breed that possesses good speed, elite mass, and elite strength for the sake of full transparency, getting Rottweiler bonus points legendary bite force. All right guys, we’ve been moved into the top three of my most powerful dog breeds

Bully Kutta

At number three I have the bully kutta breed originates in Pakistan in India. This is a very large dog breed that has good speed, good agility, excellent mass, and excellent brute strength


At number two I have the kangal this breed originates in Turkey. This is a very large dog breed. kangal possesses exceptional speed, good mass, exceptional agility, and exceptional strength.


number one most powerful dog breed on my list is the Boerboel South African master. The bobble possesses good speed, good agility, elite mass, and elite strength.