May 29, 2020


Hey, what’s going on guys? Now listen, I know many of you guys up there very passionate and very much against cropping and backing. But I think there are things that we do and we accept that a far much worse than cropping and docking, and you never hear anyone complain or vilify people about
on my channel, I feature a lot of breeds and a traditionally cropping. And, you know, without fail, there’ll be 1015 comments of someone or a group, I don’t know if it’s a group or whatever, but they seem to be very well coordinated, because they jumped on their on a video, and they immediately vilify the person who has crafted the questionnaire, humanity the call the monsters that question their love for their animal. And I think it’s unfair because the people who have crept in Dr. Dog have made a decision. Hopefully they made a result decision, meaning that he took all the proper precautions and necessary actions to make sure that the procedure done on the dog was done safely. Furthermore, I think there are things that people do to dogs that we accept. And there’s very, very, very little kickback to so I just wanted to put things into perspective. And I wanted to put a video out with three things that I think that people do we do. We accept that I think is actually worse than cropping and docking, cropping and docking. The first thing I want to talk about is folks out there that leave the dogs in isolation, basically, they buy a dog, they put them in the backyard. And that’s what a dog lives, very seldom receiving human contact, love and affection, rules discipline, they’re basically just stepped in a backyard to their own devices.

I travel all over the country, all these all over the West Coast filming dogs. And I go into places where dogs are often cap, you know, pretty much alone in the backyard. And it seems like, you know, no, there’s no one there’s no shame or awareness bought to that person that that is not a good life for a dog. So for me, allowing dogs to live in isolation is far much worse than the concept of cropping and docking in my mind. And the next thing I want to talk about is spaying and neutering. Now full disclosure, I actually had my dog neutered about 10 years ago. At the time, I didn’t know what I know now, I was pretty much caught up in the information being put out by the rescue organizations, the veterinarian, you know, organizations and stuff like that. So I thought that, for me, the best thing to do for my dog was to actually have them neutered. But I’ve been doing this for 1011 years now. And I realized now that that probably wasn’t the best thing to do. Now I don’t kick myself for doing it. I don’t call myself a monster. I don’t call myself any names behind it. Because at that time I made a decision. And I was recently and that, you know, my son Adam knew that I took care of him to make sure that he had a full recovery. And let’s be very clear. neutering a dog is far more risk to the dog’s health in the long run than actually cropping or docking his ears. I’m sorry, cropping his ears a docking his tail. There’s just a lot more risk. When I came home from actually having my dog neutered. I had a long list of things that I had to make sure that I had to do for making sure he had we’re calling on his head and him keep his sutures clean. Had to check them we had to bring them back to the vet to make sure that the holly internal things that are you know, healing properly. So you know, you know, we can vilify people for cropping and docking because it is an unnecessary procedure. It is a cosmetic procedure. If you’re against that kind of thing, you can be against that kind of thing. But then I would suggest that you may be also have the same sort of them and vigor towards people who actually have new to their dogs at spayed and dogs. Because that is an unnecessary even though in the context of society. It might be the best thing for most people to do. And I’m not going to argue with that. Because I’m not the type of person to vilify people so I just want to say you know, we do the best we can, but it’s just so long as we have a good heart and we like I said we’re doing the best we can to get your dog neutered. You take care of your dogs is his surgical procedure to take care of his you take care of his recovery. You get your dogs, you know crafting that. You make sure your dog is dogs