May 29, 2020

5 dog training tips that will change everything.

Okay, let’s get started. First, don’t expect unrealistically fast results. Adjust your mindset Be prepared to be very consistent and give your dog your undivided attention for the first year of training. The slower you go, the faster your results will be focused on getting rough drafts of the thing you’re trying to teach your dog over the first few weeks then focus on polishing those behaviors in a variety of different circumstances over the next several months.

dog Training

Tip number two, you won’t have linear progress. Just because you have a good training session with your dog on a particular thing doesn’t mean that they will now do that thing every time you ask them to forever. Do you ever remember learning a new math equation and class understanding it and then getting home and forgetting how to do it completely, your dog goes through the same thing. Just remember that your dog needs time for new concepts to sink it.

Number three, never blame your dog. If you find yourself blaming your dog a lot. That means that you are making too many mistakes, not your dog, stop and think about how you can break your training down into smaller steps and set your dog up for success.

Tip number four dogs learn best after exercise, particularly if you have a high energy dog understand that you need to get rid of that energy before it’s realistic to expect them to absorb new concepts. There’s nothing wrong with your dog if they’re energetic. That’s how we made them to be good workers and have the energy to last all day. So we have to counter that and our more laid back culture today by exercising them so that they can more easily comprehend new things.

Tip five be flexible things will rarely go exactly as you planned. For example, maybe you and your friends are planning a camping trip and you’re excited to hang around the campfire with your friends and your dog. But in reality when your dog sees the campsite, they get totally freaked out by that campfire and they want nothing to do with it. You may need to adjust your expectations for this particular teaching moment and perhaps create distance between your dog and the campfire. Maybe work on something simpler. For now. Doing this can really help to build your dog’s confidence over time. Always be flexible and be prepared to change your game plan when necessary. And if you’re serious about making a change in the way people teach their dogs start buying your dog food from a company that promotes positive training like pet flow. See, it’s what pet blue doesn’t sell that makes them worth being the place to get your dog food from support companies that don’t sell the show Pong or electric power get your dog’s food automatically shipped from pet flow in two easy steps. Choose your dog’s food and how often you want it to be delivered or cancel at any time for any reason at all. Check the description of this video for a special link and a coupon code that will give you 20% off of your first automatic ship click thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more money Dog Training advice. Here’s some other great videos for you to check out to see you guys next time.