April 14, 2021

A wandering dog training club in Savannah

Savannah Dog Training Club, which is a dog training center established in 1975. A group of dog trainers and exhibitors started the journey to improve the relationships between dogs and their owners. An American Kennel Club Started their trials, seminars, and classes. For the first time,
dog training savannah ga did not expect any significant financial gain. Now, they are a nonprofit organization, and they abide by the American kennel club’s rules and regulations, but they take a nominal fee to offer training sessions.

What kind of training do they provide?

Savannah Clubs’ primary purpose is to create a good relationship between dogs and owners. They have e large nice training center organized by a creative trainer team. Let’s find out what kind of training they provide. an annual AKC obedience trial ( American Kennel Club)

  • An annual AKC obedience trial ( American Kennel Club)
  • An annual AKC agility trial
  • Obedience training seminars
  • Agility training seminars
  • Obedience classes
  • Doggie socials

it’s very important how you benefit from their service. They are trained, don’t let your dog jump on the new guest, the dog’s expected movement, and respond to the owner’s call. The club also gives equal importance to the social interaction of dogs. They train dogs of any age, and the size even doesn’t matter.

Use of electronic devices:

The journey started in 1975 with a skilled team. The use of technology in training has increased over this long period. Like other training clubs, they have started using technology in training. The use of technology in training has further strengthened the relationship between owners and dogs.

Where is the club located?

Most of the time, the club organizes sessions and conferences for the owners. The sessions are open to all interested parties. They publish the date and place on their website before each session.
You can find there: Carol’s pampered pets 341 commercial drive savannah, GA 31406.

Savannah Dog Training Club at a glance

CountryUnited State of America
Training TypeDog Training
Organized by American Kennel Club
Trainers Quality8/10
WebSite savannahdogtrainingclub.com

Savannah Dog Training Club is a wonderful training institution that will help you to build a good relationship between you and your dog. If you are a dog owner in savannah, you must learn at least once.