May 30, 2023


Hey, my name is Freddie. I’m from 100% pit bulls. And we got Cesar Chavez right here at a Mac 10 and Tracy Tracy’s at a fire and halfway either 21 months now and I’m not sure really how much he weighs haven’t weighed on were measured his head but looking pretty good Hollywood he’s a little my brother that’s either they’re both going to be two years in August so you can see the difference they look alike but it’s way different in Hollywood and you got Hollywood pretty big male, taller, wider, bigger head and they’re both razor is both Adam actin and Tracy, this is Tracy. She’s had an affair and fire. She’s razor edge and royal bloodline. We’ve been around for about three, four years. But really, we’ve been getting more into it now that we got more of our third than you making all females and going from there. We’re getting bigger and stronger and a lot more to go. dog has been produced at 100% they’re active they have a lot of drive. And by what you’re just seeing, you know, they got the head piece that we’re looking for. You got your bag legs, just overall man you got in here for that’s my overall number one dog but I like an FA written piece. That’s the week like two three months ago. And that’s my look for a dog. I like you know the head like a bodybuilder you see him? Look, you know, he walked sideways his back legs were look like rock man he was built. He had a knife head to him he was just overall world proportions. And then I’m breeding for thighs and the right temperament and you gotta be you gotta be working dog. I want to be running around active fit down. They, you know, they they gotta have a drive to be hanging out. So I wanted to move. I gotta get them doing something right here

And I started going to the shows and I seen blues and I always had we had read what was the thought was a little boy my brother had red nose and always loved dog we had pit bulls, but once it started seeing the blues, I said I gotta give me one. And then I got me my first one about five years ago. It was a female and I’m she was great line. And it went on from there after that. I got Tracy on a breathing hand, man. Wish I had more space for more. Job is has I’d say about like 1015 pub around the 20. Maybe Hollywood has nine right now and a pregnant female. Got a couple of dogs out there. They’re not that old for they got a long way to go.

How important is the bloodline?

Honestly, I’d say

I’d go more by how we look. Because it could be any bloodline and to me if the dog doesn’t look a certain way, then the bloodline just didn’t mean much. But if a dog has a certain look, you could be any bloodline. I like them I think I like to breed for everything any dog any bloodline. It really doesn’t matter what bloodline found it is what I’m looking for. That’s pretty much it. Thanks a lot for coming. under percent pit bulls. If you need anything, hit us up at www dot 100% pit bulls com. Make sure to come back next year we will be having more dogs more females looking like males and I pretty much a man thanks a lot for coming.