April 2, 2020

How to give a cat medication

Hello, RF calm This is Dr. Stacy wallet from town and country that under your hospital Town and Country, Missouri, have you ever said to yourself, I really don’t want to have to bring my cat to the hospital today because I know I’m going to have to get some medications to fix him. And I don’t know how to get my cat medications. If that’s you, I’m here to help. Today we’re going to talk about how to give your cat medications, the thing that nobody wants to ever have to do, but I’m going to try to make it a little bit easier for you lot of different things.

first of all, what kind of medication is your tech and again, there are pills, there’s liquids. And even better nowadays, we can get drugs compounded into a gel that you can actually just put on the inside of the cat’s ears. Not all medications can be compounded like that. And not all of them are as effective like that. But talk to your veterinarian, because believe it or not, that’s a very good option for a lot of animals. So I’m going to start by talking about how to give your cat a pill. So before we even show you actually how to do it, let’s talk about our different options. So first of all, some people will take a pill and mash it and put it into something really, really flavorful to hopefully mask the taste, and some pills that will work for.

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How to give a cat medication

But there are some pills that are very fragrant at the cats really
are bitter and they don’t like and as soon as they taste it, that’s it. So you can try that. And if it doesn’t work, so you replace that one pill that, you know, you had to throw out another option or 3d pOH pockets, I am in love with this product.

So what these products are? is, it is a little treat that as a hole in the middle of it. And what you do is you take your pocket with one hand in your pill, me get my pill here, your pill in your other hand. And what you do is you take the pill from your one hand and put it right into the middle of your pill pocket. You never want to touch the bell pocket again with this finger because this finger has the smells of your pill on it.

So then afterwards, you just take this pill pocket, you can see how it will just mash around that pill. And then you give it to your cat as a treat. And most cats will take this and swallow it all and never know there’s a pill in it. Now, some pills, some work for this, maybe they’re too big, or maybe your cats don’t like treats. And if that’s the case, then we move on to the next option. And I will show you that my cats will love these one in a minute when we give them to them. Okay, so we’re going to work on Aaron today, Aaron is one of the three cats who live in our hospital.

And no, I did not pick Aaron because he’s good about having a pill being given to him. None of my cats like pills being given to them, some cats are a lot easier. And I’d say 80 to 90% of cats, you can pill pretty easily if you know how to do it correctly.

So there’s a couple different things. First of all, you need to be able to restrain your cat, okay, so sometimes it’s going to take more than one person, I being that I’ve done this, so many times can do it by myself. But when you’re just starting out at home, I would go ahead and restrain your animal in a certain position, and then try and sometimes it takes two people. So a lot of times what I’ll tell people is a towel works really well. The biggest problem that we have is cats will back away from you. So another thing that we do is we like to put our animals on the floor, sometimes I think this is better, so that they can’t back up, what I will do is a lot of times, I will put my animal into a corner where they can’t back up and I’m not sitting on them. Although it will look that way. Or a lot of times I’ll just kneel over them. Although Aaron is quite a big cat. But this does, this allows him so he can’t back up, I’m not putting any pressure on him a towel, like we showed you before racking them up will also prevent that. But I kind of like just doing this in this way, I’ve got their face in front of me, and they cannot back away from me. So if you’re by yourself, this is sometimes what you have to do. Now, if you’re not by yourself.

then you can have a second person just holding them from behind. Like I need to hear my wonderful helper. And if you have a cat that’s going to do Paul like this at every time you go with their face, then sometimes wrapping them in the towel. So their arms cannot come out or the front legs cannot come out will work really well too. And then having the other person just kind of holding them like this. So you got to be able to prepare yourself for that some cats, you don’t need any of this some cats, you can just go ahead and pill. But for cats that are more difficult, this is what you need. Now, he probably does not need this. So I’m going to just have a nice kind of hold him. So he doesn’t come off the back of the table, then filling processes is kind of the difficult part. Okay. What I tell people is you want to make this a pleasant experience, I give the animals lots of love before,lots of love after. The other thing to remember is if this is the only time you’re picking your cat up and petting them during the day, they’re going to figure it out very quickly that this is the time they’re going to get a pill and they’re going to already be trying to get away from you and not happy just like when you pull the carrier out to take them to the vet. So what I do is I start by petting the cat, okay. And this just relaxes them get some used to be grabbing their face, because I’m going to cats have what’s called the psychosomatic works, which is this bone that kind of goes around the eye and it connects kind of to the back of the year, this is a great place to get control of my cat, I can lift their head straight up in the air by that bone, I can turn left I can right I can actually lift the cat up is if I wanted but I don’t recommend that. And then what I use, I use my little pinky here as a pivot. And that just allows me to lift their head straight up in the air. Look what happens to their mouth, notice how it automatically opens. The most important thing when you’re pulling a cat is you don’t take the pill and shove it into their mouth. Dogs, you can do that cats can bite you. Okay, so more importantly, with cat I like to just drop the pill into the back of the throat. So again, we are going to continue just by petting the cat’s head, we’re going to grab him by that psychometric arch using my finger as a pivot. And I’m just going to kind of grab his head and lift it up towards the year. And when I do that, I can use my pinky of my other hand, and then I’m going to drop the pill you want drop it right down the hatch. Sometimes blowing in the nose or rubbing their top of their or the bottom of their throat will help them swallow. The important thing is, is that you don’t let go at this point, if you let go, he’s going to shake his head and spill the cat the pail out. The other thing is, is you want to make sure they keep their mouth close and up in the air until you actually see that swallow response. And when they swallow, then you can release everything. Ok. So again, the important things to remember, head straight up in the air, no fingers in the mouth, dropping the pill right down the center, if you drop it to one side or the other, they’re going to spit it out, right down the hatch. And then keep the head up, rubbing the neck until you actually see them swallow. Once you see them swallow, you can release then you’re done. So here’s that pill in the pill pocket. And you can see that Aaron here will really enjoy eating this here

And just like that, it’s gone. So easy, you didn’t even have to touch a cat, it’s great. So for those that have a little bit of trouble with the whole hand pill, you know, maybe we’re just not as coordinated to do that. That’s okay. Because we have a pill dozer,

these work really well. One, it really prevents you from getting bit in, you’re keeping your hands away from the mouth, you don’t have to be as aggressive as holding the head up straight in the air. This is a very quick process. cats don’t seem to mind it, there’s all different kinds of these, this is not just you know, there’s ones that follow with water. And there’s a whole bunch of different options, this is just fine. So what you do is you have to load this, and all you do is you put the pill into the top, once it’s loaded, you can see how it once you get this part to the back of the throat and you pump it, it will automatically go down. So poor Aaron is going to be our victim for this as well. And we’re going to show you have users. So again, I still think that the same hold is good, but you don’t have to be as I’m going to do it. Same way I always do. But for you, you know, even if you were just to hold his mouth up like this, you know, you can hold his mouth head just like that and go into the corner.

When you do this, you don’t have to open the mouth and prior, you can actually just shove it right into the back of the mouth. And they’ll automatically open their mouth and I’m magnetic kind of chew on it. And that’s when you just pop into the back of the throat. So again, holding the head up into the air mouth opens, this goes to the back of the throat and pop. So this one you don’t need as much good aim with your fingers. Because this one, you can take this whole thing all the way down to the back of the throat, where’s the other one we were dropping it in. And again, if you miss the left or the right, you’re in trouble, this one will give it a lot further and more likely for him You can see swallowed much faster with that one. He swallowed, he’s done. And he’s a good boy. So again, make sure you praise them, make sure they get a treat or something afterwards if they’re allowed to. And make sure that the times that you’re going to be doing this for that whole week that you give them breaks you you enjoy them, you hit them all day long, not just to in the time of having to give them a pill.

So they’re still going to love you and not hate you after you do this to them. So this is Alister ulcers, another one of our kitties and lives here, we are going to show you how to give a liquid medication. My preference if you have an option between liquid and pill, once you get the technique down, I think pill barn on is the easiest things to go with liquid the problem with liquid is even if you get it all the way to the back of their mouth, they’re likely to hyper salivate, spit some of it out, and you just never know if they get a pill. On the other hand, if they spit it out, you see it unless you let them go too quickly. And they run to the back of the room, they spit it up behind your couch, which also happens. So make sure they swallow it. So but if you have to show your medications only common or liquid form. So that’s the case, you’re pretty much using the same exact method as you are with the pill, except for with a syringe with liquid. The most important thing to remember is to it quick, you do not want to like with kids, put it in the mouth and give them little bit tomatoes swallow, it can get a little more from that as well, because the first time they taste it and they swallow it, you’re not going to get near them again. So you get one chance only usually with liquid. So again, we’re going to use the same hand technique. And you’re going to put this to the back oops, to the back of their throat and just plunges wrench in one quick motion. So same thing, heading the kitty getting them ready. We’re going to hold on to that medic arch or pinky is going to pivot and our head is going to go up. Same thing you can either with your pinky, sometimes people will just do it the strange but back to the mouth squirt. And you’re done. They don’t hear say always make that noise. And then when he swallows it, you’re all done. It is not uncommon. Even if you do the best application of the medication, they still will spit some of it out. They still hyper salivate, especially the ones that taste really nasty. So even if you get went to the back of the throat and one swift motion, you’re still going to get a little bit out.

And some cats will continue to hyper salivate for a couple minutes. So stay there close with a paper towel and just wipe it as it comes out. There’s nothing you can do about that. So in summary, don’t be afraid to take your cat to the vet. Just because it needs medications doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. You can do it. It is not that hard to give your cat medication, talk to your bed about the different options that that medication comes in. Have them show you how to pill again if you’re unsure if at last resort, bring your cat to the vet every day and I’m sure your veterinarian will do it for you. It shouldn’t be that difficult. There’s lots of different options out there. Just give it a try and hopefully you’ll succeed again Dr. Wallach Town and Country veterinary hospital. See you next time.