August 10, 2020

leave that cat outside

I wanted to make a quick video about why it is important not to pick up your tipped cats outside. If you see a cat outside the first thing you should do is look for an ear tip and air tip is going to look like the top tip of one of their ears has been removed. And here tip is an indication that a cat has been through a trap neuter return project. Trap neuter return, of course, is when community cats that live outdoors and are unknown or humanely trapped, brought to a clinic to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated and then they’re returned to their outdoor home. Everybody knows that it’s important to spay and neuter our pet cats, but it’s also important to be sterilized and community cats, those cats that live outdoors that don’t have an owner. Those are the cats that most of the kittens are born from these days.

If you look at the data, you can see that the majority of kittens that are entering shelters and ultimately being killed there are coming from outside these kittens are born from community cats really important that we’re sterilizing them Now, why is the Hip important. The ears hip is a critical part of xR because it’s what let’s animal rescuers, Animal Shelter employees and members of the public know that the cat has been through the DNR program. So if the cat has an ear tip, people know that they can just let that cat be your tip cats should never come into an animal shelter regardless of whether they’re feral or friendly.

I know there are a lot of people who are worried about cats outside and they think they’re doing them a favor by bringing them to the animal shelter. So let me tell you this, if a cat is on socialized to people, meaning that they exhibit those feral behaviors and kissing, being very avoidant of them and just not wanting to be in contact with people, those cats are not adoptable and if they’re impounded in animal shelter, the only option for them is euthanasia. They will be killed in an animal shelter. So you should not bring these cats in but you also shouldn’t bring friendly air tipped cats to the shelter because you’re putting them at a disadvantage to even if the cat could become an adoption candidate. The most humane thing to do is to leave them outdoors. We have fantastic statistics that show that cats who are adopted in the United States are more likely to be picked up on the street by their adopters than to be adopted from an animal shelter. Only 18% of owned cats came from an animal shelter. Compare that to 33% of owned cats who were picked up outside. What this means is that if you take a cat off the street because they’re friendly, and you put them into the animal shelter, you’re actually making them less likely to be adopted than if you were to leave them where they are comfortable. So if you see a cat outside that has an air tip, regardless of whether they are friendly or fearful, you need to leave that cat outside. There are only two times that it’s appropriate to bring an air tips cat off the street. The first is if they’re sick or injured when you’re trying to help them. The second would be that rare occasion when you find an air attempt friendly cat outside and you personally want to adopt them. If you personally are going to be giving the cat a home and the cat is interested in being in a home of course you can bring that cat into your home. What you don’t want to do is assume that that cat is going to be adapted in an animal shelter, bring them in, and then make them 15% less likely to be adopted than if you had just left them where they were in their home where they were already comfortably living. Right now I’m on my way to the animal shelter to pick up an air tipped cat. This is a cat that I had 10 hours earlier this year. Somebody found her outside now because she exhibits friendly behaviors, that person thought that it would be a nice thing to do to bring her to an animal shelter. But what they did is they disadvantaged this cat and she almost was euthanized at the animal shelter there without her microchip.

I wouldn’t have even known that she had gone there. Drives me crazy when I hear people saying that they found a cat outside but it’s friendly. So they’re going to bring them to an animal shelter where they’re likely to be killed. They are more likely to be killed in an animal shelter than they are to be killed on the street. And they are more likely to be adopted on the street. That They are to be adopted in an animal shelter. So if you see a cat outside that has an ear tip, the most humane thing to do is leave them there.