February 21, 2020


I’m Terry Meredith and I have two Belgian terms. Two girls, and I’ve been in the breed for close to 20 years now. We’re here at on the lam, all breed hurting training. And we’re here working our dogs with like their herding dog temperament, and I did some Research and terms.

were nice looking dogs. They were very smart, which I wanted. And I’ve had horses all my life and I watch some of the moves and they just were gorgeous Movers. And so that was that did.

I actually found a Belgian Shepherd on the freeway. And that dog, who was a black dog got me involved with Belgian tear Viren. And then I actually bought my first Belgian turf puppy from England.

Well, they were originally bred is hurting dogs. And I think in the continental Europe, there were a variety of local hurting dogs, they were quite similar. in different countries, what now is the German Shepherd, the Belgian to VR and Belgian cheap Doug, Brickyard, and Busan, they were all local hurting dogs, they were selected for ability to tend to sheep. Typically, they would have see they had small, various small fields that were planted, and they’d harvest one, but there’d be crops and another, and they needed the dog that they could take the sheep out and graze down the harvested field, but not go into the crops next door, which would have been very unpopular. And so they developed an ability to take a line, and Mac does a moving fence and they they’ll pick up a ditch, maybe some difference in terrain, we use some pipes just to show but I think when I worked my dog, you could see she was picking up the different level on the hill as a border. And they you want a dog that works independently. Because if the shepherd goes off, you don’t want them to wake up and find the crops have all been eaten because the dog just sat there. So our dog should be working on their own without any commands. When they’re on the grays and responsive when they do the road work. Typically they were moving the sheep from place to place down roads, there probably wouldn’t have been hot rods then there would have been cart, horses and carts. But the dog would take the sheep to the side of the road and allow the vehicle to pass on the other side. And so that that what we’re doing with our dogs now we’re very practical skills. And a lot of us take sheep out, and we can brace them on the hills. So we still use those tending skills to save a lot of money on Hey, they’re very versatile working dogs. So they demean hurting. They did historically tending but I find that the Turks also do very well with 10 work, they they can work in an arena. They’re not done. I had friends with other breeds that it was sort of that were struggling to work their dogs and it was night and day they started 10 days of the sun.

Oh, that’s what they were made to do. And my my experience with the Belgians wasn’t quite that that they did take to hurting naturally I could take them out and set but some dogs the first time they’re out on grace by the time we’ve been out for an hour, they have the concept but they also can do arena work and outlines and they’re practical farm dogs they’re not dogs that just work well with large slugs that most of the trips I’ve had, I can I can work the mind 100 sheep or I can work the month five sheep

There are four Belgian Shepherd breeds Belgian tear of urine. Belgian sheepdogs have long hair that’s all black. Belgian melanoma is the short haired version that you see used by the police or uses, you know, drug or detecting dogs quite often. And then there’s a fourth fourth breed called Belgian black and white that has wire hair.

Well, I think originally they were all the local hurting dogs, and they were probably quite similar. More recently though, Mel MY have been used a lot more by the military and police work and they tend to be a little harder h dog. And I think the probably not as there are some good hurting Mel’s, but not as many. I think moose gets Victor’s that we have tested have some hurting ability and large number of the for good. Sheep dogs, I think we’re pretty similar to Belgian sheep dogs were quite similar to the Belgian to burn. But historically, the turf club has stressed having skills other than just comfort, beauty. And so their motto was always the Well, this was before IKC had heard. In fact, the well balanced turf is a champion UDT, which means it’s a breed champion. It has a utility obedience degree and it has a tracking degree. And so we were breeding more for working ability than the other variety. So I think so You thought you often find a higher percentage of the terms will turn out to be have good visibility and working ability.

We think of border collie so being, even more energetic, or more intense, perhaps than Belgians, you know, Belgians as a rule. Border colleagues are often not as interested in people as Belgians, our Belgians are very focused on their owners, they’re very intense dogs, and they, they tend to choose one person or one, you know, family and sort of be cool to other people. Whereas they like to work, that’s for sure where they work in a whole variety of disciplines. But they’re probably a little more people centered than most border colleagues. I think what’s important for Belgian terms, or Belgians of any of the breeds is that they have some work they need a job to do. Whether that be you know, obedience work or hurting work or agility or tracking,

anything that makes them use their brain. They don’t just need exercise, they need to use their brain. And if you don’t give them a job to do, they will make one up. And sometimes that isn’t pretty.

Yeah, baby, I think the most important thing is that you work with them. I mean, it’s not, it’s nice that if you can have sheep, and work them all the time, my friends who have Yeah. But it also means you don’t have much time to do anything else if you have sheep at home. But it the most important thing is that you do things with your ducks, if you don’t just you can’t just leave them in the backyard or not.

People often want these dogs because they’re beautiful, and they’re very smart. But they don’t realize it’s actually a lifestyle. Owning dogs like this, not just they’re really just not pets, let me put it that way. But they have an off switch. if you have a good bond, and you give them interesting things to do. When they’re in the house, they’ll pretty much sleep. And then they’re always ready to go. But mine are bouncing off the walls. Come on, do this, do that there. They’ll show until I opened the door. And then the other jobs that terms are good at include tracking. My girl CG is a tracking champion. They’re also extremely good at obedience work, whether that’s formal or informal.

They’re good at agility. They’re just about good at almost anything. It’s an important facet of our breed that they were bred as guard dogs as well as herding dogs. And they still show a lot of protective instinct today. Terms make good therapy dogs, sometimes. Some of them do and some of them don’t. But, but they can do that work as well. I think some of them are selective and they don’t want to work with they sense that someone’s off and they may not be good with them. But others are very good Bella work with anyone. Well, I had one dog who’s hurting champ yet she’s an outstanding tending dog. And she’s the one I did on the grace work. We’re putting in new graces so it was a little imperfect, but you could at least get a sense of it. And she did the car pass. And she’s she’s excellent at that. I have four month old puppy. This was her first time on cheap. She had seen them in a distance. But she hadn’t worked them before. And we took her out. She showed a lot of interest at first Nin shoots a little backed off by the by the flag. And so I got her mother out with her and that gave her confidence. And she really showing a lot of interest. I probably wouldn’t work here seriously for quite a while yet, but I wanted to see how she did.

Today we worked my dog CG She is a seven year old Belgian term. She worked a large bunch of sheep in the arena. And then she also did a quick little tracking demonstration for you. I can’t imagine my life without my turfs. Nope.

I think that my terms have made me a better person. They show you the condition of your heart on a regular basis.