January 28, 2021


What’s up everybody? This is Fabian, the CEO of Remy line. Coming back at you one more time I have a couple of big congratulations I’d like to give out. First and foremost, I would like to thank e 40. For being the first our LC champion. Congratulations man. You were the first official, our LC certify champion. We’re launching officially

the RTC. You guys are probably going to say what is our Casey rk C stands for Remy line Kennel Club. That’s our official registry which accepts all bloodlines, all colors, all dogs, all sizes, whatever you want to throw in there, we put in there. You Casey uses something called purple ribbon. But we use two different acronyms. We have our LLC which stands for me line certified those dogs and met all of the standards and qualities to be a regulated certified dog. If a dog is not a Remy line dog, we use acronym called CRC which stands for certified Remy club. What that means is God dogs like God, he line Razor’s Edge gaff, if they meet all of the qualifications of from United States,

you could get certified by CRC. The good thing is our shows now the RFC shows is open up to all blood lines. We’ve been doing these the last couple shows it’s doing really really well over New Jersey big ups because I got the line dog won first place. As you can see, it’s growing and it’s doing really really well. One thing I want to explain the our judging because a lot of people don’t understand our judging,

dog, remyline kennel club,

we are judged by a point system. The way that works is we go for the total package dogs we don’t go by who the owner of the dog is we don’t go by the color of the dog. We go by the total package dog, meaning if your dog has a skinny head and a skinny neck and a skinny rare and a skinny shoulder and a skinny tail is a straight out skinny dog. That’s 100% confrontational dog

and dog could be a champion. We get 5.4 hits and neck, neck, the shoulders. Body the rare personality stalking. We added we added on to more coat of the dog and overall package of the dog. We don’t just let the biggest hits dog when we don’t let the most coolest owner of the dog when we don’t care what bloodline the dog is that overall dogs in a win. The points are there. You could ask us to your points, your points will be justified based on what we see a base of the dogs so keep coming to the shows. We get some big ones coming up one of December one in November, January February. In fact, every month we got a show coming up our KC ticket the Remi line certified shows is the place to be peace

Video Credit : Dogumentary TV