September 24, 2020

What Can I Give My Dog For Pain – Ask the Expert _ Dr David Randall

Alright, we get a lot of questions about this particular subject. Adam from Portland wants to know about pain relief for dogs and what do what to do for arthritis and dogs. He asks, Dr. Randall, I’d like to know what to give a dog for pain. I have a six year old golden retriever with bad hips and I’ve tried various dog joint supplements and pain medications for dogs, but I’m also looking for a natural approach to doc pain relief. Hip dysplasia in dogs seem to be a hopeless situation that even glucose mean for dog for dogs hasn’t even been able to help with. Can you tell me what not to give and what to give a doctor pain?

Absolutely. First, I’m going to start off with what not to give, okay? Never ever give your dog ibuprofen or Tylenol? absolutely, positively. I mean, liver failure, you can just shut him right down. Okay. Some people have gotten by with baby aspirin. And now it’s called a cardiac aspirin, 81 milligram aspirin, but you still have gastric problems with it, and what he’s talking about as far as side effects to it, I mean, I’ve got three examples right here of really good products that we use all the time. But every time I send out some of these pain medication, I’ll let people know if there’s any vomiting or diarrhea, please stop it because you’re also right, the stomach and the small intestines. Okay. And it can be fatal. So I mean, they really have to be careful. One, which is probably my favorite one is private Cox, I, this is a once a day, non steroidal anti inflammatory. And private Cox does fine. For a few days, this is not going to be ongoing all the time. Okay. So private Cox is good and said it’s safe for dogs, but, you know, a week after week, you shouldn’t be on it all the time. Okay, well get two things that you can be on all the time. Just Second. Okay.

Rebel Cox. It’s there. So this is like a short term, short term, long term thing.

Oh, absolutely. Positively not. Okay. The other the other two that are that are very common is one is called DERA max. Okay. Duramax again, falls into the family, but non sterile, anti inflammatory. So we’re not using pregnant zone. These are just anti inflammatories, but side effects again, vomiting, diarrhea, liver effects, okay. You can’t even put the pets on most of these medicines without doing blood test to make sure that the livers okay. So I mean, that’s another side effect. Right. And probably one of the first ones that came out, which is very, very popular is remedy. Okay, right. There’s three or four different sizes for it. So depends on the size of the pets. And again, exact same thing. Non steroidal anti inflammatory, possible side effects, vomiting, diarrhea, and liver complications. Okay, so

these are not side effects that you can ignore?

No, no, they’re not side effects and they can’t take it all the time. Okay. But the good thing is, you know, you and I talked about the past as far as flex pants, okay. And this is the whole package right here flex pad. First of all, it has glucose me I give it, it has MSM given. It also has your cm eight, which is a joint lubricant. Okay. I mean, the bromide and stuff that’s in here. And so I mean, you know, everything in the Brahma

see me, it’s also the anti inflammatory. And the collagen that’s in there helps strengthen the bones, right? collagen,

so and so when you’re dealing with this, this is something a pet can take every single day, twice a day, right. And you can use it dogs, you can use it and cats. And a lot of the cats that people call it will say that their cat is having stool accidents outside the litter box. Most the time is because they have hip arthritis. Okay, so the first thing I would do is turn around and tell them Okay, before you come in and start doing a bunch of X rays, why don’t you pick up a bottle of flex pad, give a quarter of a tablet twice a day, and see if the cat becomes more comfortable with it. And this is long term right here flex bed, it’s the one to have.

And I’ve seen it here in my my company we we never had a side effect. We know we don’t have any returns and none whatsoever would have your results been here

and there have returned it Guess what? repeat business. That’s what tells me it works. Yeah, repeat business and staff that have had dogs with injuries, little bit lame noises and stuff, putting their pets on it. And within 24 to 48 hours. They’re like, wow, he’s taking care of my staff can talk more about that even I can because they are you when you use it and it works. You’re a believer. Great. All right.