March 23, 2023


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Eddie from New Line channels, and I’m out here at the blue line army. What the blue line army is it’s a click a chapter of the blue line channels basically reading the blue line line. which is you know, a lot of my foundation stuff which comes out of Hollister and Smokey and and our nice doctor have their lawyer they’re just you know, nice looking their muscular just I grew up loving this when I was a teenager you know, I was never into the fighting style but I was more into like the show style of it back then. Maybe the whole family red no just have a pit bull. But what we like about the pit bulls is just you know what they stand for? Pretty much You know, they’re loyal, and you could guard you know, I live my house right now and just let the dog inside I have a lot of valuables. I don’t even trust an alarm.

I trust my dogs to do their work. And that’s why we kind of stick to this to protect the family and to protect the home which are good a lot of people are into that little pocket style right now. I get phone calls here and again and be like hey, what is this pocket What? a smaller version of a pitbull. But you know, some people, they’re just freaking them out a little little too much or they shouldn’t be and we don’t really agree with that’s why we started on bloodline to kind of preserve what we think it should be nowadays, you know, still still being a good spokesman for the original Pitbull. And then keeping the ability to keep up with times because you know, times change dogs change, but we want to keep them as close as we can to the original looking down. You know, some other candles really don’t influence that much. They just want a certain pedigree in their dog or they want this crazy, freaky dog, which is good if that floats your boat. But we do something different.

Bully Dogs

The bully for us is you know, something different. We took from the gray line we took from the razor’s edge we took from the godly line we took from the royal bloodline we took from a rough the end and we just took from the old timey red nose and we combined it and we combined into what I think I have right now which is American bloody that works. That has original tree. The style dog were reading if you look at it, you look at a razors edge. You look at a god he looked at me and you look at a blue line, you could definitely tell the different traits each bloodline has, you know, and I keep a consistent look because I mean, I’ve been doing it for a minute. And that’s what I want to do. I dedicate my whole life to doing this. And I understand how to do it. So I have different bloodlines and my stuff, but I picked the best to throw in there. So what you see and how you say it’s my hard work over the last maybe 10 years of trying to put this together. And the Bolinas has been around for like in my in my yard maybe going on five years, maybe going on four years, four and a half years. That’s when I officially made the conversion from original traditional Pitbull to bully Pitbull

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