March 23, 2023


Famous Chester representing Remy line bloodline, also representing Remy line Canales. Pretty much Remy comes off of Remy line comes off of my dog Remy Martin is the razor’s edge dog that pretty much

I was able to. start a bloodline through him. It’s a bloodline.

as well known around the world. And it’s probably one of the most popular and most sought off sought after blood in the nation as we speak right now. Remy line will always be known as a strand of resistance, and I want to make that completely clear. I took a Razor’s Edge dog and branded that dog into my own bloodline. What does that mean? To start a bloodline? You have to have other people’s blood in your yard to start a bloodline. bloodline is a dog that has a distinct look. Okay, so if I’m saying Remy line, and every time you see a dog and you say, Man, that’s a Remy son. That’s a Remy? That’s Remy dog. That’s a Remy this that’s around me dead. That means I was able to brand a distinct look. So you can’t say you have a bloodline and no one could could recognize your dog. If you put a guideline dog and a Remy line dog next to each other. I guarantee anybody could say, that’s a godly line dog. That’s a Remy mind dog. Now if you put ABC line candles, and d f g leg line candles and our kale line candles together, and you can’t tell the difference of any of them. I don’t care if the pedigree is six to three generations deep. There’s no distinction of what makes that align. If you look at Remy line pedigree now we have Remy line dogs that are bred for generations. When you walk the streets, you could definitely see the difference of a Remy line dog and a Razor’s Edge dog. Razor’s Edge dogs come in different sizes and shapes you got dogs like little row, which is like a 60 pound dog, a dog like nemesis, which is a 95 pound dogs. When you see a Remy line dog we don’t come in different sizes shapes you come in one size that’s right 75 pound males to 80 pound males 23 inch head or above females to be above 65 to 75 pounds. 18 inches. 18 hint inches in height. A lot of bone a lot of stuff since they realized fire if your dog don’t bark.

it wasn’t bread right?

American Bully Kennell

Remember that fires a dog that has some drive night game type of drive that’s going to go and try to mall somebody or will mall mall, you know another dog, but pretty much you’re not. you’re just gonna walk up to me like a dog without asking, Is

it okay to pet that dog? It’s a man’s dog. And pretty much it will bark at you and that, you know, you know, this is my whole you know, I have to respect it for what it is. And when Remy hit the scene at that time, about six years ago, he was just pretty much a dog that everybody was talking about. His productions were were were unmatched. Everyone was wanting to Remy blood, the attitude, the physiques, the heads that he was throwing, he’s known for producing big heads, big bones. Every major candle came through me line yard, to breed to me to incorporate in their yard. And from there just one thing led to another and he just became an international superstar. It grew it grew as Remy grew as his popularity grew and it started going international had guys flying in from Philippines, Thailand,

England, Brazil, just to come and see my dog which is my dog in the backyard. When you have people coming from an international place to come and see your dog you realize you have something special there.

So from there, I was able to channel a lot of Randy’s energy and the IPOs getting to grow the bloodline produce awesome dogs and get a following that right now spans the globe. Well the one thing that we we separate ourselves from the bully world is that Remy line bloodline we stand, we stand for American pit bull terriers. You also have the new breed which is called American bullies and the bully world the bullying world pretty much goes goes under American bones. I love American bullies. I own some American bullies, but when it comes to the revenue line bloodline, we say our bloodline our American Pit Bull Terrier, so we pretty much make that stand up puts us to the right of the bully world. Our dogs are bully, but if you ask us already American bullies are them like a pit bull terriers anywhere emulate person or breed Gremlins. Let’s consider American pit bulls. I’m an old school dog man. I’m a pitbull fanatic. I love the American bullies. But it’s important for me, and this bloodline because I stand by the pit bulls. I don’t think American bullies is something that I personally want to breed for. You know, I think they’re awesome looking dogs. I just like the fact when I look at a dog you know, right away it’s a pit. I don’t like what someone says to me. What is you mix that dog with? You know, or how to get that dog I like when someone looks at my my dogs say man, that’s an extreme pitiful. So the fact that we’re breeding for Remy and when you see Remy, he looks like a pit. He acts like a pity barks like a pit and his offsprings are pit so therefore his bloodline is Pitbull so we get a lot of knock for that, but it’s just where we stand strong with a small community. but on the same token is we do it our way to Remy line.