May 15, 2021

Top American dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

The world absolutely loves Labrador Retriever. This canine is positioned as the most famous variety by the American English, Canadian Australian, and New Zealand Kennel Club. These dogs are happy, easygoing, and extremely friendly. The breed is actually from Newfoundland, not Labrador in Canada, and was originally bred as retrievers in the cold Labrador Sea, this medium-sized and high energy brief and develop to be between 55 to 80 pounds and on normal lives somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 years, Labradors are perceived by the Kennel Club and are delegated a part of the sporting group. There’s a reason Labrador Retrievers are so popular. They usually like absolutely everybody, whether that’s kids, dogs, cats, strangers, you name it, and the level whacker tail in their direction. These extremely versatile dogs calm in the house yet can be silly and playful fun in the garden but can be extremely no-nonsense while they’re out in the field working, making them ideal working canines, however incredible family canines also. Labrador Retrievers want nothing more than to bring back whatever you’re free for them as long as you’re from it. This is a very active breed that will need lots of activity to keep them happy and healthy. They are avid swimmers, so always keep a towel close at hand for swimming is a great way for them to drain their energy. These dogs want nothing more than to make you happy which makes them a dream to train. Their eagerness makes them prone to pull one on the lead however with great predictable preparation.. These habits are easy to break and it is something you will want to break because they are strong athletic dogs that can easily pull someone over Labrador Retrievers respond well to food and you guessed it retrieving rewards. So combine that with their eagerness to please and their good intelligence and this makes them one of the easiest breeds to train. Labrador Retrievers have short water-resistant double coats, they have somewhat heavy seasonal shadows. Well, Labradors don’t need much in the way of professional grooming. So as long as you plan to give them a bath when needed and a good brush once a week you shouldn’t be fine. The main health concern Labrador Retrievers is hip dysplasia. So make sure you get your dog from a reliable breeder that’s had the parents hip jacked. So to summarise Labrador Retrievers’ energy levels are high, they need a good 45 minutes of exercise at least every day. They’re extremely playful and will play all day, every day if you want them to. They get very attached to people and would like to be at your side as much as possible. They love being part of a pack and with good socialization get on very well with the dogs, they usually happily will get on with smaller packs will make sure you’re there to supervise. They’re friendly towards strangers, eager to please, and love food, which makes them great to train. They make good watchdogs as they always know what’s going on, however, are more likely to welcome an intruder into your home with a big kiss rather than try and scare them away. This doesn’t make them ideal guard dogs. They’re easy to groom just a weekly brush in a bath when needed. They are great dogs in the cold weather and can handle hotter environments provided you take proper precautions

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their bit ability. They’re curious, loyal, alert, confident, and great companions for the right person. Even though there are several different types of German Shepherds, they all stemmed back to Max punch definites, who is credited with founding the German Shepherd Dog on the basis of his belief that a dog should be bred for working. Max started the SV the Shaffer GYN is also known as the Society for the German Shepherd which today still stands for the proper breeding and continuation of the breed. The Sq was established and has been continuously run since its inception in 1899. German Shepherds have remained one of the most popular dog breeds for many years by the A Casey and the UK See, they’ve consistently been in the top 10 dog breeds in the world, German Shepherd or medium to large breed dog weighing approximately 70 to 95 pounds for males and 55 to 73 pounds for females. Male canines measure from 60 to 65 centimeters or 20 to 24 crawls at the shrinks. And females measure between 55 to 60 centimeters, which is 22 to 24 inches at the withers. German Shepherds have an average lifespan of nine to 14 years. Huge numbers of them can arrive at the upper side of this on the off chance that they are appropriately reproduced all around thought about and adored. German Shepherds can have some health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, epilepsy, cataract, degenerative disc disease, and more. Great raisers will endeavor to limit these dangers through specific reproducing. German Shepherds are classified into the herding group by the A KC but are most often used in obedience protection, work, search and rescue, and military as well as police work. German Shepherds are often best known for the sport of Schudson, which translates as a protection dog. It is specifically designed for the German Shepherd to harness their three primary skills, obedience, protection, and tracking. German Shepherds are also skilled dogs and obedience, agility, nose work, and many other dog boards. German Shepherds can basically be broken down into a few different types, working lines, show lines, and pet lines. The show lines are further divisible into KC and UK c type show dogs and the singer working show line dogs. The KC or UK sea line dogs are known for their extreme looks are generally larger in size than others some nearing over 100 pounds, and they tend to show over angulation or the incline in the lower backs. This has gotten increasingly more typical lately and has gotten a lot of analysis. These dogs oftentimes do a little more than their conformation shows and perhaps some basic obedience. They’re basically not cut out for the hard work that was intended for the German Shepherd Dog. The singer type show line dogs are bred for both temperaments and looks. In these German Shepherds, there is less angulation more moderation in size and these dogs will need to show protection skills as well as obedience skills to receive their ratings. These ratings are very important for potential breeding, good breeders will only breed to a title and paper dog. This is very regulated in Germany by the SV. Working line dogs are often not considered as pretty by some people like the show line dogs but they are bred for solid conformation temperament and workability these are the dogs that in my opinion most closely resemble the dogs that max Finch definites would have bred and are the best specimens of the breed. These German Shepherds are often higher and drive energy and need more of working home in order to be successful. Proper socialization is the key to prevent the dog or human aggression and these dogs require a strong handler working line German Shepherds also need a sense of structure and require regular training to thrive. daily training, proper socialization good genetics all will help these dogs be the very best they can be. Working line dogs do not do well in a non-working environment they can become destructive. The German Shepherds are only suited for a trainer or handler who will give the dog the training and stimulation that this type of dog needs. Show like German Shepherds are often softer on their nerves, and may not be as able to handle the stresses of working life and should not be placed into a situation that will cause them to fail. shoaling dogs oftentimes make much better pets for people since their need for stimulation is drastically less than their working land counterparts Another sort of German Shepherd is the ordinary pet line canine. These dogs can come from one of two places, either unregulated backyard type breeding, or fall out from the working in show line dogs.

I would much prefer someone to look at the dogs from a good solid working line or show line dogs that didn’t make the cut as opposed to looking to a dog that was bred by a backyard breeder. When breeders find a puppy that’s not cut out for the specific purpose, they still have all The good genetics that they were bred for, but they don’t have the basic skills or ability to cut it in either the show ring or in the working ring. breeders will often sell these puppies off to a pet home. Then they’ll often ask the owners not to breed this dog because it’s not a proper continuation of the breed. German Shepherds has several different coat colors and patterns. The most popular is probably the black and tan saddled of Rin Tin Tin look, and it can range from a light tan to deep mahogany mixed with the standard black. The pigmentation can run from light to dark. By color, dogs are those that have mostly black coats with brown legs and undersides. The solid black German Shepherds are solid black with no other color present anywhere on their code. sables which is a mix of silver-gray and tan hairs tip with black. The sable is viewed as the first canine offering its DNA to their wolf precursors. It is the only color that didn’t stray from Max’s lunch definites as ideology. White German Shepherds are banned from registration in Germany and are seen as a flaw. Some people specifically breed for the white German Shepherds. But breeding for color alone is not the best idea because of the inbreeding and genetic issues that can arise. The Casey will register a white German Shepherd but they’re disqualified from the conformation ring. German Shepherds make great companions but it’s important to get the right one unless you’re intending on participating in active dog sports such as protection, agility, and such don’t get a high drive high energy working line German Shepherd. Regardless of your level of activity, be aware that a German Shepherd needs good socialization early on good training and structure for its entire life, and a healthy balanced, and active lifestyle. German Shepherds can be a perfect family dog provided they’re well-bred, socialized, and trained. They are vigilant and protective and extremely loyal and intelligent. If you’re looking for a great companion consider a German Shepherd but be aware of the work it will take to train, socialize and exercise your dog. Some good places to look for your new German Shepherd would be through a local German Shepherd club Ipoh IGP. Shut some clubs or a local German Shepherd rescue. be extremely careful when choosing your new German Shepherd. And remember that taking the puppy home today means a 10 plus year commitment to that dog

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a great pet. They are amazingly loyal. They’re family friendly. They’re sweet, they’re gentle, they’re easygoing, they’re intelligent, so they’re very easy to train. And they were originally bred for upland and waterfowl retrieval. They still enjoy playing games of fetch, they love to retrieve, they love to be out in the woods and chasing around, but they also love to just hang out with the family and lounge around and nestle in your lap. Even as an adult they still think they are lap dogs. My name is Tim hope with golden Meadows kennels. We’ve been breeding Golden Retrievers for about 25 years now. When bought our first dog we hadn’t necessarily intended to breed her but we had the opportunity to to breed her to absolutely amazing boy that was just gorgeous with lines all the way back and just a great great dog and he was the foundation of our lines. The history of the Golden Retrievers they were originally bred by Lord tweed mouth in the mid 1800s. There were cross between what was called a water spaniel, a tweed water spaniel and a yellow retriever. That was the beginning of our golden retrievers at the time. Hunting was just really becoming popular in Scotland in England, and they were initially bred to hunt and retrieve upland and waterfowl as far as connections to any current available breeds. They were originally bred from the Sweetwater spaniel which is extinct. The other dog that was used is the yellow retriever, which is a relative of the Labradors that we have today, there is supposedly major differences between the dogs in both America and Europe. Toward the day’s end, the distinctions are moderately minor. The perception is that the dogs from Europe from England especially tend to have a broader headpiece, a little bit deeper chest heavier bone structure. A lot of the American dogs originally were a much leaner statue, they were used in field work and were longer leaner, thinner coats that were able to better be cleaned after being in the field all day, then the thick coats that we have, in most of our dogs. Now, the the covariation is on a golden retriever run from an Irish shutter red all the way through to cream which is an almost white color. The acceptable colors depend upon change depending on where you are in the world. The United States color code runs from the Irish shutter deep red through to a light blonde color. The rest of the world their color code runs from traditional medium gold that everybody knows is a golden retriever through two cream. So it’s a little bit of difference of opinion between the US and the rest of the world as to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable color codes. The jobs that they excel at today, they still have maintained an important or breached standard to maintain their retrieving abilities. So they still do work in the field and they love to run out and retrieve things for you. It’s something that makes them such an extraordinary family buddy since they do very much want to get out in the yard and simply bring the entire day. Some of the other jobs that golden retrievers are used for nowadays are search and rescue for service animals for Guide Dogs for the Blind as well as various other service purposes PTSD, children with autism, they provide a whole spectrum of service abilities. Because they are such a people oriented animal, they are people pleasers, they want to make their owners very, very happy. So they’re always very aware of where their owners are, what their owners are doing and what owners are feeling, which is a key aspect to their ability to work with PTSD. As a comfort animal for somebody who’s emotionally distraught. youngsters with mental imbalance, they have an incredibly quieting impact. With kids with autism. It’s amazing the differences we’ve seen. Some of the clients we’ve had their kids were non verbal. And when their dog came home for the first time, the mom walked by and saw her son petting the dog and talking he was five years old and these were the first words she had ever heard him speak. breed standard on a brilliant retriever for guys is 23 to 24 creeps of the shoulder and 75 to 80 pounds top weight. The girls should be approximately 21 and a half to 22 and a half of the shoulders and they should run between about 55 and 60 pounds. Golden Retrievers life expectancy while the national average is still only eight to 10 years. Because of the information that’s become available on nutrition and everybody’s knowledge now we’re seeing 10 to 12 is becoming much more than norm but Nationally eight to 10 is still the current average sum of the breed traits in a golden retriever that we have to keep in our breeding program is their personality and temperament. Number one, they have to be a calm, easygoing, family oriented animal they have to retain that retrieving desire to go out and fetch and retrieve things.

It’s why you’ll often see Golden Retrievers walking around with balls and toys in their mouth 24 seven. Also some of their physical characteristics is they should have a double coat which is the outside is very water resistant, and the undercoat provides insulation for them when they’re working in the water out in inclement weather. They also have to have very cat like feet. There should be graceful in their movement, and you should see that just the muscle and code flow while they’re working in running. The Golden Retrievers also have webbed feet which enable them to be able to swim well. When they’re working in the field. You obviously don’t want your dog to bring back a crushed duck to you, they have to be able to hold it very gently in their mouth. And that’s one of the things that makes them great with kids. They are never bite very hard. They’re always very, very soft with their kisses in their bites. We’ve been breeding the Golden’s for about 25 years ago and 25 years now, about 15 years ago or so, we were approached by a client who really wanted a gold retriever but didn’t feel he was qualified to be able to train a puppy that started us on a whole new venture with our golden retrievers. And we’ve been breeding and training the dogs almost extensively for 15 years of working with trainees. About 70% of our dogs go out with at least some training under their belt. We do mostly basic obedience training. One of the more important aspects of training with golden retriever is to make sure that they do recall when they’re called immediately. They do enjoy running, they do enjoy tasting, and they do enjoy fetching. And so often they will take off on their own to try and capture a bird in flight and so it’s always very important that you maintain control of your golden retriever that they returned to you immediately upon calling. The Golden Retriever is a very adaptable dog. They do work in apartments that is a little bit more trying sometimes especially with a puppy that’s very active. They’re great with kids, they absolutely love and adore kids. My granddaughter is two years old will lay on top of the dogs and pound on them and pull on their ears of the dogs just look up at her like I love you so much. They’re just amazing family animals with a golden retriever their exercise needs are both high and not hide they because they want to spend time with you. They enjoy doing whatever that is. So if you’re going for a walk, they’re happy to do that. If you want to throw the ball, they’re crazy to go for that. They’re just as happy to sit on sit on your lap, lay on the couch with you or lay on the floor next to you.  But Golden’s love to meet people, they love to go new places, they’re always excited to do all that. But the only problem with them is that often they will get a little too exuberant in their greetings with people because they’re just so excited to meet new people. Grooming on a golden retriever is six tenths of the heap. Because of their double coating, it often takes us 15 to 20 minutes to actually get the dog wet all the way through so that we can actually start shampooing them. So they definitely require quite a bit of grooming and care. On average, we would try to bath their dogs every two weeks. That gives us the opportunity to go through and check their ears and their their teeth, their nails, make sure that there’s nothing going on with them. They are quite quite a handful when you go to dry them also. Because of that double coat it does take quite a while for them to dry. grooming also includes daily brushing to try and eliminate as much of that shedding because they do shed seven days a week 365 days a year. Traditionally, the big health issues with golden retrievers has been hip and elbow dysplasia, heart murmurs and cataracts in the eyes. We’ve been doing testing on our dogs since day one as a whole golden retriever breeders have been trying to test for about 35 to 40 years.  The other big issue with gold retrievers is they are definitely prone towards cancer. Current numbers estimate about 60% of all Golden Retrievers will die of cancer of some form at one time or another which is really devastating for us as owners. The the only kind of positive note out of that is that those cancers have not really affected the overall age at which we lose ourselves.

When you first bring your your your puppy home with you, you can definitely expect a dog that’s going to want to give you lots of kisses. It’s going to want to nibble on everything and anything it can reach your shoes, a table like your ears, nose hair doesn’t matter. They love to chew and nibble. They’re very energetic at this age, they love to chase balls and play. They also sleep a lot. They are awake for probably about six or eight hours during the daytime and other than that they are taking naps and in bed and sleeping. They are little babies and they do grow quickly, but they do need lots of rest. The difference between jr who is our one of our cream boys, he’s almost exclusively from European stock. We’d originally brought some European cream colored Golden’s over about 15 or 18 years ago now. very traditional European look to him.  The other boy Maverick is very traditional American lager, huge box. He had great big deep chest, just tremendous bone structure on him, and just that full thick, thick gold coat. Golden Retrievers are just an amazing dog and in our opinion, they’re great. They’re family ordered and so sweet and gentle and loving. They are one of America’s favorite dog breeds. They’re just great, great kids and wonderful, amazing companions for your home and your family. If you’re interested in more information on Golden Retrievers in our breeding program, you can visit our website at Golden Meadows they Thank you for watching and let me talk about my dogs