June 17, 2021

Why do cats knead and bite blankets?

Surely you have seen it many times, or at least once your feline rests his front paws on some surface or part of your body and begins to push and move rhythmically, like the best pastry chef in the region when he needs the dough for a delicacy. It is one of the most common and observed behaviors in cats along with purring or meowing. kneading is an adorable behavior always associated with the signs of affection that a feline gives to its humans. And while it can certainly be interpreted as a sign of animal affection, there are some other reasons worth knowing so that the next time you see or feel your kitty meeting, you can appreciate and understand it better.


When they are newborns, kittens instinctively need while nursing as it allows for better lactation flow clears their noses, and makes them feel in touch with their mother’s warmth and protection. as they grow older, they retain and transfer this behavior to times when they feel comfortable, happy, or relaxed and the kneading comes as a reflection of that comfort. It is convenient to leave the baby kittens accompanied by their feline mother at least until they are 12 or even 20 weeks old. This guarantees not only good nutrition through mother’s milk but also that the kitten grows and develops with less tendency for stress or nervousness. And for this, you will have noticed that day by day while nursing she needs mother cat or even her siblings perhaps accidentally. In contrast, if they are in situations with some stress or apprehension, they are very young. They can also need to try to dissipate their nervousness or discomfort, so it would be advisable not to interrupt it.

Emotional bonding:

Kittens not only need other cats or surfaces, but they also need their humans as you have probably experienced. This behavior is typical of kittens that have been properly socialized, which is usually the case when they are habituated to human companionship from an early age. Because he is accustomed to human companionship and you are the one providing food and comfort. It is natural for him to associate needing you with the same acidity he had when needing his feline mother while feeding. So you can indeed feel honored and happy for your furry one is expressing his trust in you.

No stress:

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning, kneading represents for felines, in general, a pleasurable and positive stimulus, but it is also possible that they use it when they feel some tension or fear. Rarely when they are in pain. They are looking for self-regulation and serenity. Here it is important to observe if they need at a higher speed, with fruition with their eyes wide open or breathing with difficulty. If you notice this type of meeting, check if there’s been any sudden change in routine during the day. If you have modified their diet or if there any other symptoms of discomfort, such as abnormal feces, strange odors in their waist or breath, visible tears in their eyes, or if they do not seem to yield or calm down with your voice and caresses. If there are no other signs of discomfort. Let your kitty need himself to sleep. This activity can actually be a good natural sedative for himself.


As you’ve probably heard kitties communicate with each other with pheromones. These are nothing more than chemical compounds secreted by them to establish patterns of coexistence with each other. If you have more than one feline, you will surely notice that for some of them it is more frequent than they need to pet you or that they all look for specific areas or times to do cats can secrete pheromones through their paws as well as their chin sheets, lips or whiskers. There is a strong reason to believe that meeting you is a way of expressing that you are their property or territory. This message is written on you and cat language for other cats their own or strangers to their environment to understand. Well there you have it cat lover now you understand more deeply why cats need Mystery solved. extraterrestrials.